Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fundraising for Hearts

***UPDATE*** As of May 27, 2010

For the top fundraiser in each IronMan event, Janus will contribute an additional $10,000 to help support the chosen charity. For second place, $8,000; third place, $6,000; fourth place $4,000; fifth place, $2,000.

There are 53 athletes fundraising for charity, competing in the Louisville IronMan event.

Current Standings:
1. $9,322 (Down’s Syndrome) / Christian Maniscalco
2. $7,243 (Our Children’s Academy) / Ed Pines
3. $6,943 (Pathways to Care) / John Barrett
4. $4,569 (Children’s Heart Foundation) / Paige Battcher
5. $2,610 (Lou Gherig's Disease) / Angie Crawford

Although a fourth place finish is honorable, my competitive side says we can do better! Please help support my effort by donating to the Children’s Heart Foundation. Your dollars will help create the kind of medical advances that give children born with heart defects (the number one most prevalent birth defect), including my younger sister, a fighting chance!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Growing Food

No matter how you look at it, the ability to grow one's own food provides cheaper and healthier nutrition in one's life. There are so many ways to begin the process of growing your our food. While each road begins with experimentation and using shared knowledge of past successes, all roads lead to a better understand of how we just might be able to feed ourselves and our communities. Kali and I planted our vegetables in plastic tubs on the stairs in front of our apartment. So far, so good! We've harvested lettuce twice already since the first of April. We're watering them daily, and are on the hunt for the mysterious savengers eating our cabbage leaves.